Avoid Costly and Overcomplicated Business Structures
Attn: Minorities Who Want To Start A Business
You Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.
Attn: Minorities Who Want To Start A Business
You Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.
If you are tired of trying to figure out the best way to start your business without spending a lot of money - This Is For You! 
What this blueprint will teach you
How to build a legitimate business in 6 simple steps. And do so without an LLC or any other costly and overly complicated business structures. 
Discover How To:
  • Build a product/service that your customers will gladly pay you for.
  • Build a brand and protect it.
  • How to find your perfect client. The one who wants to give you money.
  • Best tax practices, so that you can sleep good at night, not worrying about the IRS.
  • Make your first $100k
Don't overcomplicate the process - just get started!
About The Author
Tyrone Gregory
Is the founder and CEO of the Self-Employed Tax Company, and he has spent over a decade helping minorities become successfully self-employed. From personal experience and the experience of his students, Tyrone knows, firsthand, the challenges that minorities face when trying to start and scale a business. That's why he decided to create a YouTube channel so that he could educate and provide FREE resources to minorities who wanted to know more about being a boss. Which, that community has now grown to over 50k.
Tyrone's goal now is to help minorities navigate through the jungle of information that's out there about starting a legitimate business. Starting with his FREE Business Blueprint
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  • You just became my favorite!!! I am about to sign my first documents for a deal with my new business...
    Lady Luck
  • Great information! Thanks
    Cameron Hannon
  • This was Excellent!! I am an author and educator consultant operating as a sole proprietor. Once I'm ready to launch my part dealing with special needs children I will convert to an LLC. I had felt pressure to do it now, but I know I'm ok. You broke it down very simply...
    Deborah Franklin
  • Thanks Self-Employed Tax Guy. You talked me out of the LLC
    Cheryl Walden
  • Fantastic content! I actually went and spoke with my CPA and he gave me the exact advice
    Nicole Dowding